Mystical Moves is an established Oriental Belly Dance company in Malaysia directed by Percy Yeoh, one of the pioneers in the belly dancing scene in Malaysia. She is well known for her exquisite choreography displays and is also involved in almost every aspect of belly dance in Malaysia from performance, coaching, judging, and events.

“It began as a simple interest and hobby,” said Percy, who later decided to master the Middle Eastern dance form and embark on becoming a professional belly dancer.

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Percy has obtained certification of various masters of the art like Tito Seif, Mahmoud Khaled, Magdy El-Leisy, Yousry Shariff, Alda Nour, Lubma Emam, Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Katerina Shareen, Wael Mansour, Sadie, to name a few.

As she constantly thrives to craft her dancing skills to perfection, Percy’s dream is to share and spread the art of belly dance all across Malaysia.